• 14 Sep 2023

Winter Tire Pressure Maintenance

Winter Tire Pressure Maintenance

Keeping your tyre pressure at the right level is very important for your car’s safety and performance during the winter, when it gets colder and the roads are less smooth. Tyre pressure can change a lot in cold weather, and knowing how to fix this problem is important for a safe and smooth driving experience. This guide tells drivers why it’s important to keep their tyre pressure up in the winter and gives them some useful tips.

How to Understand the Effects of Cold Weather: Tyre pressure can drop when it’s cold outside. Tyre pressure usually drops by 1-2 pounds per square inch (psi) for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit drop in temperature. Tyres that are properly inflated give you the best grip, handling, and stopping power, especially in the winter.

Regularly check the tyre pressure: In the winter, it’s very important to check your tyre pressure often. You should use a good tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure in all four tyres, including the spare. For the suggested pressure levels, look at your car’s owner’s manual or the sign on the door jamb on the driver’s side.

Maintain Recommended Pressure: For safe winter driving, it’s important to stick to the recommended tyre pressure levels. When tyres are properly inflated, they grip snow and ice better, lower the risk of skidding, and make the car more stable overall. Not putting enough air in your tyres can make them use more gas and wear unevenly.

Fill Up Your Tyres in a Warm Place: To get correct readings on your tyre pressure, fill up your tyres whenever it’s warm outside. When it’s cold outside, pressure numbers may be lower than the real pressure in the tyres. If you need to, you can use an air compressor or go to a gas stop with an air pump to change the tyre pressure.

Think about winter tyres: Winter tyres are specially made to handle driving in cold weather. They have a special tread material that stays flexible in cold weather, which makes them better at gripping snow and ice. If you live in a place where winters are hard, you might want to buy a set of winter tyres to make your car safer.

Check the tyres for damage: The roads in the winter can be rough, with ice, snow, and road salt that can damage tyres. Check your tyres for harm like cuts, bulges, and holes on a regular basis. Taking care of any problems right away can stop them from getting worse and keep the tyres working properly.

Rotate Your Tyres: Rotating your tyres at regular times makes them wear evenly and makes them last longer. Check the owner’s instructions for your car to find out how often the tyres should be rotated. When you drive in the winter, properly turned tyres help keep your car’s performance and handling stable.

Pay attention to the load capacity: When travelling in the winter, you may have to take extra weight, like extra people, luggage, or winter gear. Pay attention to how much weight your vehicle can carry and change the tyre pressure properly. When cars are overloaded, the tyres are put under more stress, which can cause them to fail.

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