At Oxley Wheels and Tyres, we believe in giving our customers and clients the power of knowledge when it comes to tyres. Driving on the road is a daily risk we are always willing to make, and it's our goal to promote road safety with premium quality tyres, and topnotch tyre and wheels services. We have a collection of blogs that we would like to share to help you boost your knowledge of tyres and make sure that you are always on the proper side of road safety. We also have a couple of tips we'd like to share through our Oxley Wheels and Tyres blogs. But first, here are some awesome trivia, we think, you'd love to know about tyres:
  1. Donald Campbell set a new land speed world record in July 1964 with upgraded tyres. He gave his tyres a level up for his Bluebird CN7 with tyres that are 21 cm wide and 1.32 meters high. Each tyre was filled with nitrogen at 100 psi and weighed about 23 Kgs each. With these upgrades, he reached a speed of 648.73 kilometers per hour.
  2. The first idea of a pneumatic tire was made in 1847, that's 170 years ago!
  3. The largest production tyre is about 4.3 meters tall and weighs around 5,670 kg. They are manufactured by a company called "Titan Tire"! These tyres are normally fitted to mining vehicles such as the world's biggest dump truck, Caterpillar 797B.
To know more about tyres, read our fun blogs below. If you have more questions simply give us a call at 0421 866 146, and we will be there for you.

How Do You Know When Your Tyres Need Changing?

When you think of the safety features of a car, you’d most likely think of the side mirrors, the seatbelts

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How to Get Cheap Tyres Brisbane

The tyres on your vehicle are considered as the most important safety feature and unfortunately, some people really do not

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