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Looking for the right auto service area to have your vehicle tuned up? Just a few minutes away from the heart of Brisbane is Oxley Wheels and Tyres full wheels product and service providers. From quick auto services and full wheels repairs and professional aid, we offer them at quality beyond your expectations.

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Auto Service Area

Bring in your vehicle any time you need our professional car tyre services in our spectacular service area and be on top of our priority. We have mechanics that are quick to service your vehicle at any time. Our work ethics are designed to keep our customers’ happy no matter what:

●    Quick and reliable service

We understand how valuable your vehicle is, and we know that having it fixed at the soonest possible time is time saved on troublesome commute. We do our best to make sure that our services won’t keep your vehicle stranded in our shop for a long time. And though we complete our services in a short time, our expertise in the process guarantees premium quality all the time and that nothing is ever amiss.

●    Test Drives for Guaranteed Road Safety

We can have a test drive of your vehicle to make sure that you’re paying for the proper services rendered. We always make sure of road quality drives, improved performance, and secured road safety in everything that we do.

●    Latest Tech Service and Techniques

We don’t just stick to traditional techniques. We always go out of our way to update our technology and techniques in making sure that your vehicle is at its greatest performance. We make sure that we get our hands on the latest technologies and methods in tuning up vehicles. We also make sure that we custom learn the services rendered on new car models. So even if you have a brand new model launched just this year, we guarantee you that we know how to service it.

●    Quality at the Right Price

Costs of maintaining, repairing, and buying new parts for your vehicle can be costly. One of the reasons why we have tons of loyal customers coming to our shop is that they know that our reliable services always come at the right price. We provide options in helping you save money every time you visit our shop.

Our Services

We offer unmatched wheels and tyre services across the wider Brisbane Area. Check our highly rated services below.

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Offering you ten years of quality service, Oxley Wheels and Tyres is your place to be when looking for the best Car Tyre Shop Brisbane has to offer. We pride ourselves on quality tyres and services that will stay with you for years to come — saving you money from overall maintenance costs and more!

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A car’s wheels are not meant to last for its entire lifetime. They need to be replaced for various reasons, including significant wear and tear, punctures or sporty driving style. If you are looking for 16 inch alloy wheels, 4×4 wheels Brisbane or stylish car wheels, you can find them all in our professional shop. In order to avoid risk of accidents, it’s always recommended to buy from reputable retailers and have them installed in a certified auto service.

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