Wheel Alignment

If you feel that your vehicle isn’t driving straight regardless of the road type, if you recently hit a pothole or another obstacle with your wheels, then it may be time to look towards wheel alignment Brisbane.

Why Wheel Alignment Brisbane?

Driving with unaligned wheels will imply using more fuel, causing more wear and tear to your vehicle and even endangering your life.

Every time you replace or rotate your tyres it may cause a misalignment in your wheels. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to perform a check-up and a laser wheel alignment to ensure that next time you are hitting the road, everything will go smooth.

Wheel Alignment | Oxley wheel and tyre

What Makes Us Different at Oxley?

Our auto service uses the latest 3D wheels alignment technology so that your wheels will be perfectly aligned regardless of your vehicle. Moreover, we can provide an estimative 4wd wheel alignment cost based on your vehicle model. We have a database of over 55,000 car and light commercial vehicle models so we can quickly refer to the manufacturer’s alignment recommendation whenever needed.

In addition, our experienced mechanics are also customer service specialists who are always eager to help you with any information you might need. For example, if you are wondering “How much is wheel alignment cost”, all you have to do is give us a phone call and tell us more about your car model.

Contact us right now at 0421 866 146 or visit 1B/62 Blunder Rd, Oxley, QLD to benefit from quality and affordable wheels alignment Brisbane!

Our Services

We offer unmatched wheels and tyre services across the wider Brisbane Area. Check our highly rated services below.

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Offering you ten years of quality service, Oxley Wheels and Tyres is your place to be when looking for the best Car Tyre Shop Brisbane has to offer. We pride ourselves on quality tyres and services that will stay with you for years to come — saving you money from overall maintenance costs and more!

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A car’s wheels are not meant to last for its entire lifetime. They need to be replaced for various reasons, including significant wear and tear, punctures or sporty driving style. If you are looking for 16 inch alloy wheels, 4×4 wheels Brisbane or stylish car wheels, you can find them all in our professional shop. In order to avoid risk of accidents, it’s always recommended to buy from reputable retailers and have them installed in a certified auto service.

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