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Oxley Wheel and Tyres offer high-quality tyre brands and best value service for gearheads and your rides!

Finding the best car tyre starts with knowing the right tyre size for your car. and this can be found on the sidewall of your current tyre or by searching your vehicle for the manufacturer’s placard.

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Then you choose between premium, value, and budget tyres. Examples of budget tyres are: Goodride, Atturo, Minerva, and Kenda. These are also proven to have a long life span. Value tyres such as Kumho, Toyo, Nexen, Hankook, and Falken are said to have reasonable prices while giving you the best comfort. Premium tyres from Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, and Bridgestone are the most popular high-end quality tyres.

Tips to determine the suitability of tyre brands or needs:

1.  SUV and Offroader Tyres

Stability, great handling, and braking, extra rigidity are features you should be looking at for better off-road control performance.

Michelin was voted as the best brand for overall satisfaction, value for money, longevity, wet and dry weather performance, and stopping ability.

2.  Sports car tyres

Pirelli is one of the top choices, but then this is not ideal for a family car as it can be very pricey.

3.  Small car tyres

Goodyear and Continental are on the top of the list for longevity and value for money.

4.  All season tyres

Roadstone caters to all-wheel sizes and offers year-round traction, long tread wear, and comfort

5.  Quiet tyres

Minimizes cabin noise and Continental Premium Contact 5 was on top of the list followed by Goodyear and Michelin.

After considering the above, you may now choose which brand is suitable for your car. Oxley Wheels and Tyres is a licensed tyre dealership that only promotes and sells, top quality tyre brands. We pride ourselves with our quality tyre services as well as each product we roll out and put on your car.

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Offering you ten years of quality service, Oxley Wheels and Tyres is your place to be when looking for the best Car Tyre Shop Brisbane has to offer. We pride ourselves on quality tyres and services that will stay with you for years to come — saving you money from overall maintenance costs and more!

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